Team of experts focussed on finding innovative solutions where standard solar photovoltaic solutions cannot address the requirement


GX Cogen has a long history in planning and executing various types of infrastructure projects in telecoms and energy in Africa whilst working in innovative and challenging environments . Our management team consists of industry experts with direct experience in delivering high quality projects in demanding settings.

Focus on Innovation

Delivering a clean sustainable tomorrow requires constant innovation in solar and energy storage technologies. GX Cogen is working with technology developers who are at the forefront of making renewable energy technologies applicable and economically viable for long-term industrial commercial and utility applications.


GX Cogen strongly believe in partnering with innovative technology developers where our local market expertise combined with world-leading innovation offer unique opportunities to the market and our partners.

World-class Clients

Working closely with world-class clients in industries such as telecoms, mining, construction, energy and hospitality is a unique opportunity which brings forth our ambition to excel and impress our clients. GX Cogen have delivered projects to large multi-national corporations and leading global brands since 2007.